Meet Adriana Susso, BaeVibez Skincare's Founder

Hello there! How are you? Please allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Adriana Susso, the proud founder of BaeVibez Skincare, a brand that represents aiding people of color with natural skincare products fair-traded and ethically sourced from Africa.
Since 2020, I have been captivated by the world of skincare, constantly seeking the perfect balance between science and nature. My journey began with a simple desire to create skincare products that not only aided your skincare issues but with a humanitarian touch to support the communities responsible in making that possible .
Within the years of research, formulation expertise with my chemist, and unwavering commitment, I embarked on a mission to establish BaeVibez Skincare as a brand that embraces authenticity, innovation, and the purest elements of nature. Guided by the vision of becoming the building bridge for the African Diaspora utilizing skincare & making sure that the farms that provide us with the resources for our skincare products are part of the fair-trade.
As the Founder of BaeVibez Skincare, my aspiration is to empower our customers to embrace their natural beauty and feel confident in their skin. Our journey has just begun, and I am excited to share this radiant path with each and every one of you. Join us as we explore the endless possibilities of self-care and the vibrant essence that defines BaeVibez Skincare .
Together, let's "Make Skincare a Vibe." with BaeVibez Skincare and support the people who make it possible for you to have the best skincare.