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What Basic SKincare Tips Do I Need For Glowing Skin?

What Basic SKincare Tips Do I Need For Glowing Skin?

Hey Bae,

We aren't getting any younger. Although we may feel that way in our spirit, our skin tells us otherwise.

Tip #1

As we age, its important that we beef up on the sunscreen, although you may not "feel it" or "see it" now, the UV rays known to cause skin damage and cancer do. Do your future self and your skin a favor by making sure that you apply sunscreen before you leave the house and double up on it if you are going to be out in the sun for a while. 


Tip #2

Greens & water are your friends! Sure, we like to get turnt too and eat good junk food from time to time, but remember junk food is what it is in the name, JUNK. vegetables and water contain nutrients and hydration that your skin deserves. You risk the chance of pre-aging when you dont stock up on the water and greens for your body. 

Tip #3

Invest in AMAZING SKINCARE. Read the ingredients of your skincare product, if the majority of the products are fillers and things that do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR YOUR SKIN THEN DONT PICK IT UP BAE! Be good to yourself and give your skin what it deserves, remember, that the investment will reward you big in the future. Your friends and family will ask how do you keep your skin looking youthful all these years and you can smile big and say that you've invested in top quality skincare!

We hope that these tips help you in the long run into making a difference in your skin. 


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