Our Story

Our Story

- Our Mission -

To make skincare a vibe and to encourage people to take care of it with products that provide incredible results.

Our Story

At BaeVibez, we make it essential to provide exceptional products with a purpose and to encourage our consumers to buy with intention. Founders Adriana and Yunusa Susso made it their purpose when they established BaeVibez Skincare L.L.C to focus on the providing luxury skincare products and how to provide back to their communities. For years, we've purchased products that "smell good" but leave our skin damaged, dry, and with little to no effect with retaining moisture. Leaving us and our skin frustrated and unsatisfied and we can no longer allow that to keep happening.

During one of their trips back to their second home, The Gambia, West Africa, they went on a quest to find quality ingredients and to conduct research. There, they've built relationships and made it their purpose to only select the best for their customers and back it with science.


Our products are natural and cruelty free so that you don't have to worry when you use our products.So when you make a purchase from BaeVibez Skincare, not only will you help the BaeVibez family, but you will also receive quality, luxury, products to make "Skincare a Vibe" for you.



 Mr. Yunusa Susso 
                         Co-Founder, C.E.O                          
Mrs. Adriana Susso
                           Co-Founder, C.O.O                             




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