"Are you unsure of your skin type?" #Skincare101withbaevibezskincare

"Are you unsure of your skin type?" #Skincare101withbaevibezskincare

Are you unsure of your skin type? The following are the stages to determining:

Normal: Skin when dry feels neither oily nor flaking ⠀

Dry: Skin will feel tight and maybe even be flaky ⠀

Oily: Wiping your face you may see grease and/or residue on the tissue. Your skin is also more than likely shiny at this point ⠀

Combination: Your t-zone (forehead, nose, and cheeks) are gleaming, but the rest of your face isn't. This is a highly popular skin type.

Sensitive: If you have redness or irritation on your face, you have sensitive skin.

Acne-prone: If you have pimples and acne, this skin type has its own set of categories to help you deal with them (you probably also have oily skin).