Skincare Tips You Should Do & May Not Have Known! Read Here.

Skincare Tips You Should Do & May Not Have Known! Read Here.

 Tip #1 Your Aging Starts at Year 20!

Your skin starts aging when you turn 20 years old! Yes, you read that right, 20! In this period, your skin cells that once use to turn so quickly, begin to slow down. Although in your early 20's your collagen levels are at its peak, they indeed slow down in the production rate. This causes fine lines & wrinkles over time.


Tip # 2 Genetics Don't Determine How Your Skin Ages, Sun Exposure Does

We and the rest of the skincare community preach it all the time, WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN! lack of sunscreen creates a damaging effect from the UV rays that your skin is exposed to. The UV rays penetrate the skin, damaging the elastic fibers it has, developing fine wrinkles. UV rays, free radicals and lack of sunscreen is a leading cause to sun cancer as well. 


Tip #3 Your Skin Can Regulate Temperature Thru Its Blood Supply

Your blood vessels become narrower and constrict, allowing less blood flow thru the skin and conserve body temperature, the hairs on your skin also helps to regulate your body temperature. 


Did you know any of these tips? Comment below on a tip that you found interesting or a skincare tip you may want to share, we want to know!