Your Mental Health Matters. Learn From Our Story.

Your Mental Health Matters. Learn From Our Story.

I cannot stress this enough, YOUR MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT AND YOU MATTER FIRST! My name is Adriana, I am not only one of the Founders of BaeVibez Skincare, but I am a strong advocate for mental health. Let me tell you a little story that happened to me. Before I became a fulltime entrepreneur, I worked at a company that I absolutely hated. They overworked me, cared severely little about it's employees and treated everyone as a robot.I worked there for almost 7 years, working 120 hours per pay period, trying to please everyone for that $2-3 annual raise. I was miserable on the inside, cried everyday and had suicidal thoughts.
The stress was so severe that my blood pressure caused me to be temporarily blind in my right eye and in the E.R. My Husband, who is in service and not home at the time, was severely concerned, and so was the rest of our family. I thought to myself, "what could I do? We have a mortgage, and other bills." Then what I thought was the worst thing that could've happened, they let me go. I've been preparing for entrepreneurship and leaving the company, I had a timeline. Well, I take it that God laughed at that timeline.

At first, all of the emotions ran thru me and then my mama called. She said " You have all the resources and support to make your dreams come true now! You don't have that awful place to hold you back!!" Then I thought to myself, "OMG.. she is absolutely right." I made my self care a top priority after that call. I did things and seen places that I thought I would have had to wait to get "approved for" and then you sit back and think to yourself how dumb and crazy it sounds to have to be approved for time off for yourself?!?

I was happy, relieved, grateful, and so was my entrepreneur spirit. I was able to accomplish everything that I wanted to do, so please, take care of yourself.

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